Lex Kim, founded in 2001, is located in the Daechi-Dong area of Gangnam district in Seoul. We offer academic programs for students om 2nd grade through 9th grade.

Our Philosophy

Since 2001, Lex Kim English School has built a solid reputation among students and parents for our commitment to quality and excellence. Our values have been shaped by our North American leadership and international vision. Adhering to our core objectives has continually allowed us to attract top students. These objectives include:

  • Hiring and training passionate, professional teachers
  • Creating a competitive learning environment
  • Maintaining ethical business practices
  • Choosing long-term development over short-term fixes
  • Enforcing strict performance policies for students and teachers

Teaching, Done Right

At Lex Kim, we are serious about integrity. Our integrity comes from our view that growth is not only measured by an increase in enrollment - it is measured by the improvement in performance, for both teachers and students, as well as the satisfaction received by those who teach and those who learn. Examples of our integrity:

  • Fair hiring practices based on merit and qualifications, not pedigree
  • Equal treatment and attention given to all students
  • Establishing long-lasting relationships with teachers and students