What are the students like?

Our students have an average of two years experience living abroad and have full command of English.  Through our rigorous admissions process, we only accept students who are willing to participate, learn, and improve.  Our students range from grade 3 to grade 11.  Only English is allowed to be spoken in classrooms.

What will I be teaching?

With our students already having a high level of English proficiency, our program focuses on academic improvement in grammar, reading, writing, and presentation.  You will be required to teach all four subjects.

What kind of training will I receive?

For the first month, you will receive intensive training in all subjects.  The training will include shadowing experienced teachers, sample teaching to various grade levels, and review of coursework material.  Once you have demonstrated a firm grasp of classroom management and material, you will be assigned regular classes.

What will my daily schedule look like?

Your schedule will vary from day to day depending on the number of classes you will be required to teach.  For a look at A Day in the Life of a Lex Kim Teacher, click here.

Are there extra teaching opportunities available?

Teachers looking to earn extra cash can opt to teach classes on Saturdays or during the Summer/Winter Intensive period when students enroll in more classes.  Saturday classes are from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and paid at the overtime rate of approximately 50 USD per hour.

How many days do I get off for vacation?

You will be allowed 5 paid vacation days and 10 unpaid vacation days each year.  In addition to these days, you will get all national holidays (about 14-15 days) off.

What type of housing do you provide?

We provide our teachers will fully furnished studios no farther than three subway stops away from our academy.  The studio comes with a bed, desk, kitchen table, dresser, wardrobe, and a small couch.  The kitchen comes equipped with refrigerator, microwave, rice-cooker, and basic utensils.  The studio also comes with a washer. Click here to view photos of the studio.